What You Should Know Before Buying an Optical Mouse

Which accessories do you need for your computer? You must have thought about a keyboard and a mouse first and that answer is totally fine! These are the most important ones. Of all things the mouse is a peripheral you should pick with extra caution. It allows you to access files in an easy and very intuitive way, run programs, create texts, spreadsheets and presentations, and, basically, interact with your PC in a way that is convenient enough.

With so many important features, choosing a mouse should be approached as carefully as buying the PC itself. However, at the time of purchase, you may feel a certain difficulty, since there are numerous options on the market – all with different formats, with or without wire, different number of buttons, etc. This means, you have to possess all the important information to make the right decision.

What is an optical mouse?

First of all, let’s understand what an optical mouse is. It is a device that is connected to the computer and through it it is possible to control the cursor on the screen. Oltimers will remember that the first mice had a ball that, in contact with the surface, activated the cursor.

However, this little ball, which was initially made of steel and was later coated with a silicone rubber protection, gathered dust and other debris, compromising the functioning of the mouse. Hence the idea of replacing the ball with a sensor to capture and transmit commands to the machine – this is how the optical mouse was born.

What are the main advantages of the optical mouse?

It did not take long for the optical mouse to become popular and this is explained by the various advantages it boasts:

  • Accuracy: optical sensor is very precise, therefore, you have greater control of the cursor on the screen; 
  • Sensitivity: it is able to detect subtle movements, thus providing quick and smooth response;
  • Durability: as it has no moving parts, the optical mouse tends to have a longer life;
  • Compatibility: it is efficient on various surfaces; 
  • Maintenance: it does not accumulate dirt and does not require constant cleaning.

How to make the optical mouse work?

Currently, there are two optical mouse options available on the market: with USB or wireless connection. Both are very simple to install. In the case of the former, simply plug the cable into a USB port on your computer. Then wait for the operating system to recognize the device and install the necessary drivers, or download them from the Internet manually.

Next, position the mouse on a flat surface suitable for use. Move it around and observe if the cursor on the screen moves in response to your commands. If so, everything is fine. If not, check that the cable is connected correctly.


A wireless optical mouse requires a battery to work. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to identify the correct type. Open the corresponding compartment and insert them according to the indicated polarity. Plug the USB receiver into the computer – it is responsible for establishing the connection between the two devices. 

Wait a few seconds for the machine to recognize the device. It is possible that the operating system installs the drivers automatically, however, once again, if necessary, download the latest driver from the Internet. After this step, the mouse is ready for use. If you encounter any difficulties, contact the brand’s technical assistance.

What differs an optical mouse from a laser one?

Both the optical mouse and the laser mouse are used for the same purpose, but have some differences in terms of technology and performance. The former uses an LED (light emitting diode) as a light source to illuminate the surface on which it is positioned, while the latter, as the name implies, uses a laser diode. 

Laser mouse can offer greater sensitivity and resolution. This means that it can be more precise with fast movements and on reflective surfaces. In contrast, the optical mouse is less sensitive to variations in texture and can have difficulties on transparent, mirrored or shiny surfaces. 

While the optical mouse is more suitable for use on flat, opaque surfaces, the laser mouse offers greater precision and works on a wider variety of surfaces, although it is generally more expensive. The choice between the two depends on personal needs and the usage environment.

Optical mouse functionality

It seems that all types of mice have identical functionality, namely, the same task of monitor coordinator. Most often the functionality is indicated by the number of keys on the mice. While famous Apple mice have one key, it is still an unusual execution. Regular optical mice you’ll end up choosing from fall into one of these categories:

  1. Models with two keys are considered obsolete, but they are still produced.
  2. Two keys and a scroll wheel is the most common and popular version of the design for office and home computers alike.
  3. Two main keys, two to four additional keys and a scroll wheel – these types of mice are considered specialized. Due to the presence of additional buttons, the user can simplify navigation on the monitor.


The choice of a computer mouse is very important. It determines the comfort of using your PC or laptop, the efficiency of performing tasks and even the health of your hand. When you make your eventual purchase decision, you should consider all factors carefully, including the pros and cons of an optical mouse, the financial side, and how long you expect the mouse to last. Other features – design, number of keys, weight – are selected based on the purpose of use and your own taste.

It is also worth remembering that if something is wrong with your devices – a malfunction or physical harm may be right around the next corner – you should take them to professionals. That way, a quality repair will ensure extended reliable service of your PC/laptop. Residents and visitors of New York, for example, have no problems with such things – the technicians from the Repairs Bay team are always ready to help them. But wherever you live, again, try to find trustworthy repair experts.

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